Chillout Beats

Mark Dumond - Chillout Beats

Chillout music describes down-tempo music, which can be relaxing, inspirational, or motivational depending on the mood of the song. Perfect for home listening, as background music, as lifestyle music, as driving music and it sounds totally right in beautiful settings.

The best of its kind is often music that is heartfelt and isn't fashion led, and it is often driven by melody and harmony. It can slow us down to the speed of life and send shivers of pleasure down the spine too.

This station broadcasts songs with a beat and tends to be much smoother than typical dance. More often than not, chillout music originates from both the dance and electronica genres.

Chillout Beats is comprised mostly of compilation CDs, as opposed to individual tracks. Mixed compilation CDs blend from one track to the next, hence making the transitions smooth, and also have a “flow” that the DJ is trying to create. My station is comprised of my own compilations, including the Decaf series, which are not commercially available. Also included are others compilations which are from various DJs and artists, which may or may not be commercially available.

You can listen to the station at: